It's hard to feel that 80% of Graduates are unemployable. BigTutor was formed with a mission to change the landscape of education. We have set high vision even making human brain interfaces to learn things how we feed data into computers.


Exams were a Nightmare to me when I was a kid and there was no one around to help me. Exams were demanding Rote Learning and with limited memory, it was always challenging. I was always out playing due to lack of concentration as the subjects were boring.

In my graduation, I used to struggle to get good score. When I asked toppers how are they managing to achieve high scores, I was told to use sketches and diagrams in exams. Crazy ! I was puzzled. However, persistence paid and I was able to untangle the mystery towards the end of my graduation. Question that stick me was "What if in future a Computer evaluated the exam paper? How the answers will be evaluated and grading would be done?". I applied these strategies to learn and write answers and I was surprised to see my score jump from average 60% to 80%. I was back in the game. And now I'm before you with all my knowledge to help you achieve your dreams.


I can prove you "Nothing is Impossible" ! Be ready ...

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I am Praneeth. I had been in your place. Interview had been my weakness too. I have also felt that stroke of fear, probably louder than your's, when thinking of Interview.

Hundreds of tests, thousands of questions, hours of preparation, fear of failure, I had lived it all. Until one day, when I decided not to drown myself into hours of hard work preparing for Interview.

Instead, find better, smarter ways to crack Interview. It wasn't easy and it took serious time, focus, efforts, sweat and skills but I found the secret sauce to success. The holy grail that turned the situations for good.

Did you ask what was the result? This is the best part.
  • Preparation for Interview turned into FUN GAME.
  • Secret Sauce worked for any subject or question.
  • TCS, ACCENTURE, INFOSYS, WIPRO, I was ready for all.