My Vision

It's hard to feel that 80% of Graduates are unemployable. Big Tutor was formed with a mission to change the landscape of education. We have set high vision even making human brain interfaces to learn things how we feed data into computers.

My Mission

Exams were a nightmare to me when I was a kid and there was no one around to help me. Exams were demanding rote learning and with limited memory, it was always challenging. I was always out playing due to lack of concentration as the subjects were boring. 


In my graduation, I used to struggle to get good score. When I asked toppers  how are they managing to achieve high scores, I was told to use sketches and diagrams in exams. Crazy ! I was puzzled. However, persistence paid and I was able to untangle the mystery towards the end of my graduation. Question that stick me was "What if in future a Computer evaluated the exam paper? How the answers will be evaluated and grading would be done?". I applied these strategies to learn and write answers and I was surprised to see my score jump from average 60% to 80%. I was back in the game. And now I'm before you with all my knowledge to help you achieve your dreams.



I can prove u Nothing is Impossible! Be ready ...


Quantitative  Aptitude

This Advanced Course will help students who are preparing for any type of interview, entrance tests and competitive exams.

Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning

Advanced Course with solutions/explanation for interview, entrance tests and competitive exams.